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Manufacturing the Legend Cub

When design and production quality are without equal you've got a product that really excels. Such is the Legend Cub.

The Legend Cub was derived from the most proven, classic design in aviation's century long history. It upholds, even today, some of flying's most desirable attributes: excitement, joy, and infinite pleasures. Flying a Legend Cub is the contemporary equivalent of pure passionate fun.

Produced with modern technologies, from welding advances to covering polymers and multifunctional avionics, this lovable legendary aircraft is safer, more dependable and more enjoyable than ever before. Read on to learn about the manufacturing process at American Legend Aircraft Company.


Legend Cub Manufacturing Legend Cub Manufacturing
All new Legend Cubs begin their life in the company's very own welding shop. We manufacture the frames of the aircraft we build, and for good reason. We know that the quality of our finished aircraft depends on attention to detail, right down to the last welded joint.
Legend Cub Manufacturing Legend Cub Manufacturing
Legend Cub airframes are high-tech, meticulously designed structures. We think of them as individual works of art, as form following function. Our design methods utilize computerized measurement and precise laser cutting. The chromoly (chromium-molybdenum steel) tubing used in every Legend Cub has the advantage of high tensile strength. It is considerably stronger and more durable than standard steel tubing.
Legend Cub Manufacturing Legend Cub Manufacturing
Moreover, Legend Cub airframes are unique in many ways. For example, the Legend Cub features standard left and right side doors. We also build our Cubs with an unobstructed and wider cabin for increased comfort. Wing spars attached outboard freeing up overhead cabin space. Windscreen structural members are inverted for improved visibility. Plus, the Legend Cub cabin has three inches greater elbowroom than similar vintage airplanes.

Wing Assembly

Legend Cub Manufacturing Legend Cub Manufacturing
When we set out to design the Legend Cub we knew that the time-tested USA-35B airfoil was the best available. So we kept with tradition recognizing the superb airflow qualities we knew we could achieve. We did, however, accomplish our re-engineering effort utilizing an all-aluminum wing design that we consider to be optimum in many ways.
Legend Cub Manufacturing Legend Cub Manufacturing
The Legend Cub wing design uses no wood members that can prove unpredictable and affect the shape or strength of the wing over time. Our wing spars are custom extruded aluminum members, as are our wing ribs. The entire wing is produced on a certified assembly jig. Each structural member is carefully inspected, fitted and riveted in place. The entire process results in a uniformly manufactured wing for every Legend Cub we produce.
Legend Cub Manufacturing Legend Cub Manufacturing
The Legend Cub wing design also incorporates one of the best features of our design. Unlike similar vintage airplanes, the Legend Cub can be flown solo from either the front or back seat. Two 12-gallon fuel tanks are built into each wing. We did this to alleviate the center-of-gravity and safety issues common with storing fuel on the aircraft bulkhead.


Tube-and-fabric aircraft are without a doubt some of the most beautiful aircraft made. The process of covering and finishing an aircraft is nothing short of an art form. At American Legend, our level of expertise with this process is second to none.
Legend Cub Manufacturing Legend Cub Manufacturing
Elegant clean lines, superior stitching, meticulous fit and finish are some of the terms we hear when admirers browse a Legend Cub. We use only top quality materials and highly skilled technicians. Our expectations must exceed those of our customers.
Legend Cub Manufacturing Legend Cub Manufacturing
At American Legend Aircraft Company, our choice for fabric and polymers is Superflite. Superflite has been making state-of-the-art aircraft covering and finishing systems since 1949. They continue to develop new and improved technologies that help American Legend produce superior performing and beautiful aircraft. For more information on aircraft covering, read the Kitplanes article on best practices.
Legend Cub Manufacturing

Aircraft Paint

At American Legend Aircraft Company, the appearance of your aircraft is as important to us as the comfort your pilot seat. Even the most scrupulous pilots enjoy the satisfaction of their Legend Cub’s factory new feel. Inside and out every Legend Cub is manufactured with scrupulous detail and the application of paint is no exception.
Legend Cub Manufacturing Legend Cub Manufacturing
Our factory is equipped with full downdraft insulated spray booths. The recirculating system helps to preserve resources. For one, fresh, heated working air is used over before its heat is lost. This sophisticated system ensures that every painted component of every Legend Cub is given an optimum protective coating. As a pilot you will find equal comfort sitting in the pilot seat as sitting aside in admiration of your Legend Cub.
Legend Cub Manufacturing

Assembly Line

The excitement of seeing a new Legend Cub come to life is just a primer for the excitement these aircraft will deliver. Each production aircraft rolls along the assembly line taking on a life of its own. Each with unique options specified by their buyer, a Legend Cub casts an eager brow towards the hangar door.
Legend Cub Manufacturing Legend Cub Manufacturing
A Legend Cub will always feel at home in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Here the folks are friendly, and here's where our four production hangars reside. Comprising more than 45,000 square feet of floor space, the line-up of aircraft along a highly efficient series of assembly stations is evidenced.
Legend Cub Manufacturing Legend Cub Manufacturing
Bustling is perhaps the best way to describe the assembly line atmosphere at American Legend. Bustling excitement seems to be bred into each aircraft. The birthplace of each and every Legend Cub is terra firma, but standing in an open hangar it's easy to see that these airplanes are clamoring for open air.
Legend Cub Manufacturing

Engine Installation

The Continental O-200, four-cylinder engine is as legendary as the Cub itself. It delivers countless hours of reliable operation in a Legend Cub. Parts and maintenance are readily available at virtually any maintenance facility. With 100 horsepower to pull it through the air, Legend Cubs sound like the familiar Cub yet perform more like a Super Cub.
Legend Cub Manufacturing Legend Cub Manufacturing
The availability of high-performance 115-HP Lycoming and 180-HP Titan engines offer even more horsepower, and they deliver to Legend Cub owners some serious advantages. The installation of your engine by our factory experts will ensure that it performs to your high expectations.


The basics of flying boil down to two sets of opposing forces: gravity and lift, thrust and drag. Nowhere in the theory of flight is the requirement for advanced avionics or sophisticated instrumentation. However, next to good piloting skills, instrumentation is the second most important element in flying safely today. Some may ask, why all the avionics in a Cub?
Legend Cub Manufacturing - Instrument Panel Legend Cub Manufacturing
The only way to explain why today's airplanes are equipped with advanced electronics is to take at look at the way today's pilots are flying. Recreational aircraft use is about flying experiences that stimulate the senses. To enhance the flying experience, pilots increasingly rely on instrumentation to monitor every aspect of flight. Information that can be ascertained to reinforce good vision and a sharp mind increases safety exponentially. A Legend Cub can be fitted with an array of sophisticated instrumentation to suit the most discriminating of pilots. It's not about why, it's about why fly without.

Certification & Delivery

American Legend Aircraft Company has certified and delivered more light-sport airplanes than any American manufacturer. Is it the result of the lovable, lasting appeal of the Cub? Is it the countless number of times the joy of flight is shared with a family member or a close friend? Or, is it the leisure and satisfaction of flying with other like-minded pilots, and their passengers, who dream they can fly?
Legend Cub Manufacturing - Instrument Panel
Whatever your passion, whatever your fondness for taking to the sky, American Legend Aircraft Company continues to make flying dreams come true. Certification and delivery is the final step in the manufacture of every Legend Cub. At American Legend, we take pride delivering our passion for building airplanes to every Legend Cub customer.

American Legend Aircraft Company Manufacturing

The manufacturing process at American Legend Aircraft Company is often filled with anticipation and eagerness, and justifiably so. Each production aircraft has a customer waiting to take delivery.

From the welding shop to wing assembly, and from pre-assembly to paint, each and every Legend Cub is crafted by caring hands. As these aircraft work their way down the assembly line they take on personalities of their own. The excitement in the delivery hangar is without comparison.

Dreams of flying are realized every day. And no limits exist to the pleasures that flying can bring. Flying a Legend Cub propels those dreams. Fly one home today.

American Legend Aircraft Company manufactures the Legend Cub 
and Super Legend. FAA-approved aircraft for adventure, sport, 
recreation, and training. Powered by Continental, Lycoming and 
Titan engines. Kit-built or ready-to-fly light-sport aircraft.
Kitplanes magazine May 213
A Way Better Cub.
- Kitplanes, May 2013

This is the best of all worlds. Beauty, reliability, power, and safety.
- Sean Cushing, Owner

AOPA Pilot - Super Legend HP Titan
Titanic Performer.
- AOPA Pilot, Jun 2017

I really love flying the airplane for the pure joy of it. It takes you back to how flying originally was.
- Alec Birchfield, Student Pilot

Flyer UK
The revived, revised, remarkable Legend Cub.
- Flyer UK, Sep 2005

I have seen much better directional control with my students’ takeoffs and landings after spending time in the Cub. They tend to be much more subtle on the controls after flying the Cub as well.
- Robert Baker, CFI

Sporty's Pilot Shop
Sporty's Sweepstakes Legend Cub and everything you need for your next flight.
- Sporty's Catalog, 2012 to 2017

I have issued a couple dozen Tailwheel Endorsements and Flight Reviews in [my Legend Cub] "Big Al."
- Garry Wing, CFI

Forbes Life
The Return of a Legend.
- ForbesLife, Oct 2006

Darin and Kurt - You build great aircraft.
- Mark Parsons, Owner

Australian Pilot - The Legend Cub
The Legend Cub, a New Take on a Classic.
- Australian Pilot, Dec-Jan 2016

I love flying flying my Legend Cub, especially when it comes to buzzing my friends. I recently made a pizza drop and two donut drops to a farmer friend in his cane field. I have also spotted cows for a relative after the hurricane--even took some storm photos for the local Abbeville Meridional newspaper. Just can't say enough good things about being an American Legend customer.
- Danny Broussard, Owner

Light Aviation - The Legend Cub
Legend Cub, Retro delight.
- Light Aviation UK, Jul 2012

This was truly the experience of a lifetime. My feet still haven't touched the ground.
- Bob Declerck, Builder

Water Flying
Finally an amphibious LSA Cub.
- Water Flying, Aug 2010

Fantastic! Runs wonderfully, performs amazingly. Planning on some back country work.
- Rand Siegfried, Builder

Aviation Consumer - The Legend Cub
Like the Super Cub but newer.
- Aviation Consumer, Oct 2012
American Legend Aircraft

The Legend Cub is a two-place, LSA certified aircraft designed for airfields of any size and surface. The Legend Cub takes you to more places than ever before.
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"This is the best of all worlds. Beauty, reliability, power, and safety."
- Sean "Flopper" Cushing, Legend Cub Owner
"I really love flying the airplane for the pure joy of it. It takes you back to how flying originally was."
- Alec Birchfield, Student of Waco Flying Service
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