American Legend MOAC

PA18 Style Closed Cowl

Legend Cub evolves to the extreme with MOAC: The Mother Of All Cubs, a backcountry edition of the Legend Cub. While rooted in the legendary Super Cub, MOAC is a thorough remake and all new construction, from the expert hands of American Legend Aircraft. MOAC incorporates numerous performance enhancing features and is purposely built for the backcountry operations.

Manufacturer: American Legend Aircraft Company
Top Speed: 128mph
Cruise, 75% – 105MPH
Cruise, 65% – 98 MPH
Stall Speed: 26mph w/ Flaps | 32mph w/o Flaps
Range, 75%, 7.8 hours @ 40 gal /
Take Off Distance: 100′
Landing Distance: 260’ or less
Rate of Climb: 1900 ft/min
Service Ceiling: 15,000 ft on all models


Powerplant Lycoming or Titan options
TBO 2,000 hours
Propeller Catto, Hartzell, MT, Sensenich Prop Options Available
Seating 1 pilot, 2 passenger, tandem seating
Fuel Grade (min) 100LL
Wing Span 35′ 5.5″
Length 22′ 5″
Height 6.7 with stock 850×6
EAB Gross Weight 2,000 lbs
Usable Fuel Capacity 30/40

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