Why Fly a Legend Cub?

Just For The Fun of It

THE LEGEND CUB continues to be the most coveted American manufactured sport aircraft. So why not fly one just for the fun of it? It is after all a modern legend possessing the right blend of flyboy fun. Those who have flown a Legend Cub consider it to be the most gratifying recreational aircraft in the skies today.

Reasons to fly the Legend Cub are many. For some it’s the aircraft’s right- and left-side clamshell doors, two 12-gallon wing tanks, the ability to solo from either seat, and an electrical system with starter. For others it’s a wider, more comfortable cabin, a well-equipped panel, an array of landing configurations, and high-performance engine options. However, most pilots will tell you they fly a Legend Cub just FOR THE FUN OF IT.

More Options and More Fun in a Legend Cub

The Legend Cub is available in the classic J-3 styling with exposed cylinders or PA-11 style closed cowl. It can be equipped with straight floats or amphibious floats. A retro military version is available as the Legend Combat Cub. And the Lycoming powered Super Legend plus the Titan powered Super Legend HP is now more versatile than ever. Plus, each variation can optionally be built from a kit and certified as experimental further expanding the utility of a Legend Cub.

Your First Flight in a Legend Cub

At American Legend Aircraft Company we believe that once you FLY in a Legend Cub you’ll be hooked. We see new airplane buyers constantly looking for that perfect combination of style, features, and old-fashioned flyboy fun. These are the very reasons why we’ve created the Legend Cub, and we’re convinced it is the PERFECT fit.

It is our desire to share with you the reasons for our conviction, that is, there’s NOTHING QUITE LIKE flying in a Legend Cub.

Pilots who fly tailwheel aircraft possess an endless sense of adventure. They endure the challenges of flying on unimproved fields and they truly understand how to tame an airplane. Every day we keep adding Legend Cub pilots to the list of taildragger aficionados. Legend Cub pilots are an exceptional group of individuals who possess a set of stick and rudder skills that remain today admired among pilots of all experience levels and from all reaches of the globe.

We encourage you to make the time for a test flight in a Legend Cub. Please feel free to contact one of our owner representatives today to schedule your introductory flight.