The Classic Cub, Open Cowl




American Legend AL3, J3 Style Open Cowl

The OPEN COWL Legend Cub has the classic J3 Cub look with exposed cylinders and EYEBROW baffles. The Continental Motors O-200 engine delivers 100 HP and resonates the authentic sound of period Cubs. Standard equipment includes: Classic Wood Propeller, Traditional Yellow Paint with Black LIGHTNING BOLT, Upholstered Cloth/Vinyl Seats, Standard Instrument Panel (with Altimeter, Airspeed Indicator, Inclinometer, Tachometer, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, and Voltmeter), Electrical System with Starter, 406 MHz ELT, and 6.00 x 6 Tires.

Options include: CUSTOM Paint Schemes, Extended Baggage Area, Exterior Baggage Door, Vortex Generators, Climb or Cruise Propeller, Float/Ski Attachment Fittings, Lithium-ion Lightweight Battery, Tundra Tires, BACKCOUNTRY Tailwheel, 2-Axis Autopilot, Amphibious and Straight Floats.

COMFORT options include: Ultraleather and Full Grain Leather Seats with Lightweight Cushions, AmSafe Airbag Seat Belts, LED Wig-wag Landing Light and Strobe/Position Lights, Extended Aft Window and Skylight Glass.

Avionics options include: Panel Mounted COM Radio, Cabin Intercom, Transponder and ADS-B Weather/Traffic, GLASS PANEL, Angle of Attack, Moving Map Displays, Synthetic Vision, Engine Instrumentation, Fuel Flow Metering, GPS Navigation Mapping, WAAS GPS, Auxilliary Power Ports, and more.

Standard equipment includes: Solo Flight from Both Seats, 3-Inch Wider Cabin, Spring Gear Landing System, Hydraulic Brakes, and Classic Cub Flying Performance and Characteristics… “It Flies Like a Cub.”