The Classic Cub, Open Cowl

From: $162,850.00



American Legend AL3, J3 Style Open Cowl

The OPEN COWL Legend Cub has the classic J3 Cub look with exposed cylinders and EYEBROW baffles. The Continental Motors O-200 engine delivers 100 HP and resonates the authentic sound of period Cubs. Standard equipment includes: Classic Wood Propeller, Traditional Yellow Paint with Black LIGHTNING BOLT, Upholstered Cloth/Vinyl Seats, Standard Instrument Panel (with Altimeter, Airspeed Indicator, Inclinometer, Tachometer, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, and Voltmeter), Electrical System with Starter, 406 MHz ELT, and 6.00 x 6 Tires.

Options include: CUSTOM Paint Schemes, Extended Baggage Area, Exterior Baggage Door, Vortex Generators, Climb or Cruise Propeller, Float/Ski Attachment Fittings, Lithium-ion Lightweight Battery, Tundra Tires, BACKCOUNTRY Tailwheel, 2-Axis Autopilot, Amphibious and Straight Floats.

COMFORT options include: Ultraleather and Full Grain Leather Seats with Lightweight Cushions, AmSafe Airbag Seat Belts, LED Wig-wag Landing Light and Strobe/Position Lights, Extended Aft Window and Skylight Glass.

Avionics options include: Panel Mounted COM Radio, Cabin Intercom, Transponder and ADS-B Weather/Traffic, GLASS PANEL, Angle of Attack, Moving Map Displays, Synthetic Vision, Engine Instrumentation, Fuel Flow Metering, GPS Navigation Mapping, WAAS GPS, Auxilliary Power Ports, and more.

Standard equipment includes: Solo Flight from Both Seats, 3-Inch Wider Cabin, Spring Gear Landing System, Hydraulic Brakes, and Classic Cub Flying Performance and Characteristics… “It Flies Like a Cub.”